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PS3 CPU Capacitor Kit

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The PS3 has a well known issue often called Yellow Light of Death (YLoD) or Blue Light of Death (BLoD) where the console turns on with a blue and green light, turns yellow then turns red and shuts down.

This issue is caused almost always by failing capacitors on the CPU/GPU power rails. These capacitors are large flat and labelled NEC/TOKIN.

To correctly and permanently fix this issue the capacitors should be replaced with super-high quality aluminium polymer capacitors (not Tantalum or ceramic) with a super-low ESR.

This kit comes with 4pcs of 470uF capacitors, enough to replace a single NEC capacitor. The console has between 4 and 8 NEC capacitors depending on model so order the quantity you require based on the number of NEC capacitors your console has.

Requires internal fitting and professional soldering to install, the replacing of components should only be done by an experienced electronics engineer.

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