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RetroSix CleanAmp Audio Amplifier (Game Boy Universal)

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Take your Game Boy restoration to the next level with the custom built, ultra-efficient and clean audio class D amplifier designed in-house by RetroSix.

The CleanAmp replaces the original audio amplifier and speaker of the Game Boy Original, Color, Pocket or Advance with a modern smooth and crazy loud class D amplifier and speaker.

Experience the sounds of the old school games like you will of never heard them before, in clear, responsive detail.

Basic soldering skills and tools required, speaker sold separately.

Install guide found on Support Page – Look in the relevant console folder for guide

The original audio amplifier on the Game Boy consoles is old technology; it is very inefficient, uses more power and outputs very quiet sound to the speakers.

During our journey of restoration perfection at RetroSix, we reverse engineered and analyzed lots of the Game Boy’s components. The original audio amplifier and speaker had various faults.

  • The speaker is very quiet and inefficient for a power to sound output ratio
  • The audio amplifier is very dirty, and brings in lots of audio ground noise
  • The amplification gain is very low so the sound output is too low to be enjoyable

The CleanAmp board by RetroSix addresses all of those issue, providing a clean, stable and efficient output with clear, responsive and very loud speaker. The sound is well over 500% louder than the original, can be heard 20 meters away.

For Game Boy Advance installs, the PureSilence is built in, giving complete silence when the volume wheel is turned all the way down, both in headphones and to the speaker.

We highly recommend adding our Dehum kit to the console to remove the hum and hiss noise inherent in the Game Boy consoles.

Package includes 1x CleanAmp PCB. Don’t forget to grab one of our speakers!

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