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RetroSix Game Boy Advance CleanScreen (IPS)

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One of the downsides of the Game Boy Advance is the screen. The original often fails, and even when it works is very outdated, no backlight and low contrast.

Even the very latest IPS upgrades from the top companies have many issues (tearing/ghosting/wrong color reproduction/oversized screen/backlight bleed/no support for transparency/limited backlight control/cost), that make using a screen upgrade a no-go for purists or those with respect for the original console.

We decided to solve every one of those problems by making an easy to install, ultra low power, modern screen driver board, that allows you to use our RetroSix IPS screen.

Easy to install, just remove the old screen and connect the CleanScreen. Optionally solder a handful of pads onto the board with no wires (if you use the optional wire-free kit) to enable the on screen menu. Install can be done in a matter of minutes.

Install guide available at and

NOTE: True Color mode currently focuses on accurately reproducing the color palette of the AGS-101 screen, which we consider the most desired color reproduction.

Technical Specs

  • Low power
  • Identical size to original screen
  • Zero lag/ghosting/tearing/flickering/light bleed
  • Infinitely adjustable brightness (using OSD)
  • Scan-line and pixel grid emulation (using OSD)
  • Color Modes [True Color/IPS/Grey/DMG] (using OSD)
  • Screen Position Adjust (using OSD)
  • True Motion for transparency support (using OSD)

Kit Includes

  • GBA CleanScreen PCB (Required)
  • GBA CleanScreen IPS Screen (Required)
  • 32 Pin and 40 Pin Ribbon (Required)
  • GBA CleanScreen OSD Ribbon (Optional, could hand wire, or have no OSD)
  • GBA CleanScreen IPS Bracket (Optional, recommended for RetroSix shells)
  • GBA CleanScreen Dust Guard (Optional, Recommended)
  • GBA CleanScreen Lens (Optional, Recommended)

Comparison to FunnyPlaying / IPS / ITA Screens

FunnyPlaying + Other IPS

FunnyPlaying + all other IPS are all identical for the most part:

Users simply got used to all of these issues as standard as every screen on the market had these issues until the CleanScreen

The ITA Screen

The ITA is the term used for the 20 year old screen used in the DS consoles with a backlight. A super-simple driver circuit was made to allow them to be used in the GBA console.

The features are:

  • Similar size to original screen
  • Similar colors to original screen
  • Cheap as its an old screen
  • Has some ghosting/blur and duller backlight
  • Limited stock as once gone they can never be made again

This is a great budget option if you want as close to original as possible without paying for a new screen.

The CleanScreen

The CleanScreen is the best of both worlds. Brand new, yet retaining all aspects of the original screen.

We will obviously sing my own praises on this one but the most unbiased way we could say to you is: IPS are more popular as they have been out longer, and are cheaper as they use phone screens, whereas the CleanSceen is 100% perfect and true to original, with zero flaws. It has correct size/color/transparency/no ghosting/pixel grid and fixes every faulty with the IPS screens.

Live support and easy install, along with all parts sold separately for repairs and so on.

If you want the best, its definitely CleanScreen, if you want original on a budget it is the ITA, if you want in between both (new but not original and many flaws) its a generic IPS or FunnyPlaying.

Power Draws

The original screen draws the least power, then the ITA screen draws the next lowest, and finally the CleanScreen and all other IPS screens on the market draw almost identical powers (with the CleanScreen drawing the lowest of them all by around 40mA).

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm

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