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RetroSix SEGA Dreamcast CleanPower (USB-C Power Mod)

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The original power board for the Dreamcast can fail over time. It runs hot, and has ageing components on them.

They are also not international friendly and it’s easy for someone to accidentally plug in 240V into a 110V system and blow them up.

Enter, the CleanPower by RetroSix. This USB-C power board is ultra compact, clean and modern. It is a drop in, no solder replacement for your existing power supply on any variation of Dreamcast.

Simply remove your old power board and place it the CleanPower.

Now your Dreamcast can run off any USB C power brick that can deliver 30W or more.

Works perfectly with GDEmu and other ODE devices which other power boards have issues with.

The CleanPower has over voltage and over temperature protection, as well as short circuit protection on every voltage rail to the Dreamcast.

  • 3.3V Rail Max Current 3A
  • 5V Rail Max Current 3A
  • 12V Rail Max Current 2.5A

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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 cm

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